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Armstrong Screen and Pipe Dryers

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As it is advisable to feed the V.E. Machines with dry or damp material but not with material which is completely wet, both the screens and the pipe conveyors have been adapted to serve as material driers. In the case of the screens, 4 to 8 air fans are attached to the screen security cover and as the material passes over the screen the air blows any excess water through the screen and proceeds to dry the material. In the case of the pipe conveyors, two fans are fitted to the pipe. The first fan blows air into the pipe and the second pipe extracts the moist air together with any dust which may be generated during the drying process. With suitable fans an air speed of 40 km per hour can be generated through the pipe. Rubber deflectors are installed at suitable intervals along the pipe to deflect the material and enhance drying in rainy, humid or cold conditions. The pipe conveyor can be fed with hot air from a generator's exhaust through a suitable heat exchanger. This will considerably enhance the drying under adverse conditions.

Armstrong screen