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Armstrong Vibratory Screen

screen a screen b

The Armstrong vibratory screen, patents 2003/4539 and 2004/9572, consists of a heavy duty 25x75mm rectangular frame to accommodate a standard 2300x920mm woven wire screen. The screen is attached to a square tubing blocked out frame by means of posi-drive screws and rubber-lined metal washers. The vibratory motors are attached to the sides of the screens for maximum screening efficiency and to allow easy fitting of security covers or a cover carrying a number of air fans which converts the screening arrangement into an effective drying screen, with minimum power requirements. The screen can be easily converted into a double or multi deck screen by adding additional decks and larger vibratory motors. This screening system has the following advantages over conventional screens:

  1. The screening efficiency is ±60% greater than for poly-deck screens of equivalent size and aperture.

  2. The open spaces on the woven wire screens are up to 40% more than that for equivalent poly-deck screens.

  3. The screen weight is less than one third that of poly-deck screens of equivalent surface screening area.

  4. The power to drive the screen is less than a quarter required for driving the conventional poly-deck screen of the equivalent surface screening area.

  5. The screen is compact, of low profile and can be accommodated into smaller spaces than conventional screens which make for ideal use in shipping containers where space is at a premium.

  6. The screen is easy to replace, simply undo eight retaining bolts and remove the frame holding the screen in an upward or downward direction. Clean or replace the screen cloth and refit the frame or fit a frame with a new screen mesh. The screen frames and frame bodies are factory produced on accurate jigs so as to be interchangeable.

  7. The screens with their side mounted motors are easy to cover for security reasons.